Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Meeting

A crowd had gathered in the Courtyard by midday. Akkad teleported in fury and a crack that sent the children scattering across the courtyard. His meancing look enhanced by his slightly smoking hands. Nago had been there a while and was conversing with the other tradesmen. He was well liked and always found he had much to talk about. Glix strode in to the courtyard, saw it was getting full, and stayed in the back and leaned against the town hall building in the shade.

A bell was struck hard, with a deep note that seemed to last forever. The crowd grew silent. Magister Lars McKarin stepped out of the Town Hall in simple workers clothes, onto its raised brick porch. He spoke in a loud, confident and booming voice, “ It has come time for the Water Rite. A time of passage, a time of commitment, and for some, a time of atonement.” His gaze fell squarely on Akkad. “Those who have been summoned please come forward.”

Akkad didn’t move but simply glared up at the Magister as Nago hustled to his side as the townsfolk had cleared a circle around them. Glix walked over to the clearing and stood under the shade of the trees. And Lukad, groomer and stableboy, rushed to be in the clearing as well.

“You have all reached a threshold. It is time to pay back to your community, what it has given to you. It is the requirement of every man and woman when they turn 18 summers to seek the Well of Unending Pure Water and bring back some of its pure water to recharge the towns well.”

Cheers erupted from the onlookers. The Town well had gone dry as it did sometimes in dry summers. But the town had not had it happen in several years. This was the first water rite in 5 years. It was a dangerous proposition, especially since no one had been to the Cave in almost that long. Much could change out in the See of Grass in 5 years.
The Magister held up his hands to silence the crowd. “You leave tonite. Good Luck. You will receive your provisions from Stable Master Stepp.You should proceed there now. We will expect you in 8 days, and will ready the celebration for your return.”

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