Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting Ready

The sun rose hard and crisp in the crimson and purple sky. Akkad worked the morning then agitated, teleported with a crack and sizzle, to Tower Courtyard.

Nago rose early, ate heartily, then dropped his tools off at the workshop, and headed to the courtyard. He was two hours early.

Glix, rolled the summons over and over in his head. His affairs were already packed on the horse he was lent by the town to do his scouting around The Acres. He didn’t have much else. Although he grew up in The Acres, he always felt detached. Distant. That was why he felt so comfortable as a scout, he could be mostly alone. Away from the village. He loved The Acres, its inhabitants, its ideals, and he would defend it to his death, if necessary. But he never felt like one of them.

Glix trotted up to the west gate, waved the signal, and the gates began to roll back.

He walked the horse to the stables, unloaded his gear and walked off to Tower Courtyard to hear why he had been summoned.

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