Monday, September 21, 2009

Glix follows

Glix knew something like this might happen. He didn't remember the last Water Rite ceremony, only that he got some extra to eat the last time it had happened. It seemed a happy thing. an adventurous thing thing then. But he knew that the See of Grass was no happy place, and that there would be many challenges ahead of them. Razor Grass, Ripgut vine, the mad Hoppers, the damnable Badder Dens, and the Prog colonies that would just appear out of nowhere. There was worse out there, he had heard about it.

Glix trotted off to take a hot bath, get a good meal and take a nap at his upstairs loft above Rion Ford's warehouse(he was a watchman for the warehouse when he wasn't on scouting patrols). It was really nothing more than a some floor and walls stuck in the rafters of the corner of the warehouse, with a set of stairs and a balcony. Rion had put a bed, a small table a chairs, a locker, and a rug in the room.

Glix awoke from his nap, packed his equipment for a normal scouting trip, and headed to the stables.

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