Monday, August 17, 2009

The Acres

You have all grown up in Line Acres. A prosperous small walled community adjacent to the Black Wood, just off the North Road to Fall Bridge, just north of the Explorer’s Guild village of OutTown. And north of Renders Point.

Line Acres, so called because of the ancient signs etched in stone in the walls at the town gates, is a roughly 90 acre sprawling village in a former enclave of the ancients, long stripped of useful items and artifacts. It is surrounded by an 8 foot concrete wall faced with a few places of crumbling brick, but otherwise fully intact. The Town has 3 major gateways where the walls are separated, where ancient roads once were. The town grows crops and herds animals inside the protection of the walls. There are approximately 300 people living in Line Acres. There are many trades people (blacksmiths, weaponsmiths, leather workers) to supply the basics of life, even a teacher that teaches reading and writing and numbers for Trade Speak, but most farm or raise herd animals.

The Acres (as it is known by the residents who have no idea what an acre is) has a mandatory militia for all residents, a constable and a few deputies, and the scouts. The Militia is in charge of manning the gates town, putting down intruders, and walking their turns on the wall ( a system of walks and lookout towers has been constructed along the wall). The constable enforces the Law of the People ( a document written by the original post inhabitants of The Acres). And the Scouts were formed to scout the regions around the Acres to find and potentially deal with potential threats to the Acres, including forays into the Black Wood and the See of Grass, looking for resources, or looting available resources or artifacts of the ancients.

The community is a mixed community of pure strain humans, humanoids, and mutant animals. And live mostly peacefully with each other and for the mutual benefit of each others survival. The village is prosperous, because of its tradesman base, and is relatively safe, given its isolationist attitudes and close-knit community based way of living. Most trading is done out of town , and the basic goods made in The Acres are quite sought after. This out of town trading also helps prevent bad things happening in the village since non-member folks are never allowed in to the village, except on rare occasions, even refugees.

This attitude has also created a general dislike for all people from the Acres in the surrounding communities, since they take the brunt of the refugees and raiders that get frustrated trying to break into The Acres and leave and take it out on the surrounding villages.

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