Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tower Courtyard

Tower Courtyard is the Town Square of Line Acres. The Central part of the courtyard is dominated by a rasied plinth of stone, five steps high. Sitting on the plinth is a large wooden water tower, banded together with heavy metal straps. This is the fresh water source for The Acres. It sits over a sunken well, dug years ago by the founders of the post Dying Years resettlers of The Acres. The well goes dry occassionally in the summer season if the rains do not come. It is then that the community uses the stream and pond for fresh water.

Adjacent to the square is the Town HQ, where the Council meets, private homes, craftsmen's shops, the Town Militia Barracks, The Town Magisters quarters, and the Constables quarters. It is also where the Militia training is held.

The Town square is the community center of The Acres.

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