Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nago, Takes the Summons and Prepares Himself

Nago had a suspicion that his summons had something to do with an extended watch at the city walls. Nothing dramatic, surely nothing to get overly concerned about. It may even be something as mundane as digging a better ditch from the stream to the fields. That would make sense, he has a strong back that would be good for digging and lifting. But then again, he was a bit curious about needing to “put his affairs in order”.

What did they mean by that exactly?

Maybe they were planning a patrol that would go a bit further than usual.

Maybe they were planning on exploring the ruins of the Ancients City.

Nago did his best to put those thoughts out of his mind. He decided to simply do as the summons said and take care of the little things, the lose ends, putting his affairs in order as it were. He continued his work through the afternoon and cleaned up his workspace as he always had (despite what many may think of “pigs” he was quite obsessed with keeping himself and his surrounding orderly and clean).

As he left the shop he made sure to pay back Frelk for the lunch he had spotted the day before. Walking home he realized that he really didn’t have many affairs to put in order. He never found himself to be a collector things, at least not of things that have no use. So there wasn’t much worry clouding his mind. It seemed to Nago that the most worrisome folks had lots of “things”.

That evening Nago packed what amounted to be most of his worldly possessions. He had a canvas bag that normally carried his lunch. A small tin that contained a sliver of steel and flint wrapped carefully in a length of buckskin. A few short candles. A small folding knife that he was particularly fond of (he never cared for sharp things and always thought it was a brilliant idea to fold a knife over on itself. Smart and safe). He also packed his carved wooden ocarina. It’s larger than most but his fingers are such that they would prove too clumsy otherwise. He made sure to throw his drinking cord in with the rest reminding himself to be sure and fill it at the well in the morning. Rolling up the last bit of bread and cheese he had in a scrap of linen he decided that he should drop his tool box off at the shop on the way to the courtyard. They would only sit at home while Frelk could make good use of them at work.

Setting his bag next to his great hammer (a thick handled, two handed mace that also served as a walking stick) he thought it best to turn in for the evening. He wanted to be well rested and prepared for the day. Before drifting off he worried a bit about being ready and arriving on time. Punctuality and preparedness were as important to Nago as cleanliness and organization. Thinking on these things always gave him restless nights before big events.

But he would be on time, he always was.


  1. Bruce i wasn't sure if this was Nago or not, but it sure looked like a good start. Hope you don't mind I posted it.

  2. Actually it was a version of him as I was trying to land on his personality and looks. I plan on doing a new sketch of him soon. Once I do I'll go ahead and replace this one. He looks a bit different in my mind's eye now.

  3. I Agree. But I thought this might be the start of him.